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Imperial Tobacco Lost a Battle against Display Ban

| December 26, 2012

Imperial TobaccoOne of the leading cigarette manufacturers lost a Supreme Court battle these days against a prepared tobacco display ban. The UK’s greatest court ignored a request by Imperial Tobacco against the Scottish Government‘s efforts to prohibit the display of cigarettes in stores.


British American Tobacco Plans to Invest $200 in the Philippines

| December 20, 2012

British American TobaccoBritish American Tobacco, manufacturer of Lucky Strike cigarettes is planning to invest $200 million in the Philippines in the coming five years after the Congress’ endorsement of the sin tax reform strategy. BAT cautioned a few months ago that it would turn down its investment plan in case the Aquino government does not succeed to approve the measure. “We will not direct the money in before excise reform is completed,” BAT Philippines chief manager James Michael Lafferty declared.


Australia’s Law Expropriates Cigarette Companies’ Intellectual Property

| December 17, 2012

Australia’s plain-packaging lawAustralia’s plain-packaging law, which becomes effective on December 1, will demand all cigarettes to be sold in unique packages with the brand name written in standard way. The cigarette companies are very indignant with this situation. Plain packages are “plain ridiculous”, states the official website of British American Tobacco (BAT), the second leading cigarette manufacturer. Such countries as New Zealand, Britain and the European Union are considering plain-package laws of their own. Almost everyone is observing the Australian example.
It should be a disaster for cigarette producers. Government authorities started prohibiting cigarette advertising on TV in the 1960s, and although the marketing trap is still slack in most of the world it is shrinking. Many government authorities prohibit advertisements in print media and compel producers to use packages with ugly health graphic labels. The pack itself survives as a logo of a smoker’s preferences displayed and pocketed 20 times per day. Brighter colors are associated with healthiness. Large thin packages look more feminine.


Giant Tobacco Companies Purchasing Tobacco Crop from India

| December 11, 2012

Tobacco CorpRepresentative of the Tobacco Board of India, Manju Pillai stated that tobacco production is estimated to be about 100 million kg in Karnataka in comparison to the 127 million kg last year and auction prices already constitute Rs 20 per kg. The demand is increased for the Flue Cure Virginia (FCV), the finest tobacco crop used to produce cigarettes.


Malaysian Government Implementing Tough Actions on Smoking

| December 4, 2012

Malaysian Government is considering requiring tobacco companies to print cigarette sticks with the words “Smoking is dangerous to your health.” Malaysian teen SmokingIn another tough action to discourage people from smoking mostly teenagers, cigarette producers may also be prohibited from making claims concerning tobacco grade, quality and flavor of their smokes. These and many other conditions are most likely to be included in the Control of Tobacco Product Regulations 2004 when the Government strengthens its enforcement in order to make all public places in the country fully smoke-free. According to a reliable source, the Health Ministry would be looking for public feedback in the coming week on its plan to discourage Malaysians from this hazardous habit.