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Merchants that Sell Cigarette Will be Fined $50

| January 30, 2013

Sell CigaretteCigarette store owners in Campbell will face tougher rules right after the city authorities authorized a cigarette retailer authorize permitting the city to handle cigarette sales infringes more successfully than the state.


Smoking Among Teenagers in on the Rise in New Hampshire

| January 25, 2013

Smoking Teenagers The number of New Hampshire retailers that sold cigarettes to those under 18 increased dramatically this year, in accordance to an yearly statement from the state, with 13% of examined stores all over the world, and practically 11 % in Hillsborough County. The main trigger in the increase isn’t very clear, even though it might be a function of having much less researchers after state budget cost reduction programmes, stated Rob O’Hannon, of the state’s Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services. O’Hannon is the ex -coordinator of what is referred to as Synar, a governmentally ruled drive to decrease cigarette sales to youth.


Selling Snus outside Sweden is Prohibited

| January 21, 2013

Snus saleAll cigarette packages sold in the EU from 2015 will be covered with pictures of diseased people. Moreover all flavored and slim cigarettes will be prohibited, while snus will not be allowed to be sold outside Sweden.The given bill comes after a scandal with Malta’s health commissioner, John Dalli who lost his job as he supposedly requested bribe to stop the snus ban. m It is considered a huge loss for Sweden and tobacco industry as a whole. Only a menthol ban is supposed to eradicate 20% of the market in particular EU countries, as for instance Poland.


Oman Rated 19th in the World Report on Cigarette Package Graphic Labels

| January 14, 2013

00Oman, which passed health graphic on all smoking products effective on August 9 this year, has been rated 19th together with some other countries in Gulf Cooperation Council. The survey provides a worldwide review, positioning 198 countries, setting them on the schedule of warning size, and reveals those that have completed demands for picture labels.


Indonesian Cigarettes are Less Expensive than Candy

| January 9, 2013

Candy cigarettesThe prepared boost in cigarette excise by approximately 8% this week would neither increase the price of cigarettes considerably nor decrease the number of cigarette aficionados in the country, experts have stated. Abdillah Ahsan, a specialist at the University of Indonesia demographic center, reported that the number of smokers in Indonesia would proceed to increase due to the surprisingly low price of cigarettes.