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Yellow road Camel campaign

| June 25, 2013

Camel Campaign:
This campaign seeks people to follow a yellow road.  This is a circuit because the brand create a lounge located in Santa Fe this will be a bar smoking where there will be brand presence (ashtrays, lighters, etc. ..)
These will be two floors and you can smoke in them besides having music and drinks they make strategic stops in bar areas.


Tobacco Taxes Support Illicit Market

| June 10, 2013

cigarette Tobacco Taxes Although 2012 was a comparatively moderate year when it comes to cigarette and tobacco tax boosts, 2013 is changing to be considerably more treacherous. President Obama has suggested a 94 cent per package boost to the federal excise tax; a number of states including Vermont, Minnesota and California are following the suit with plans to increase state taxes on tobacco products from 80 cents per package to $2 per pack.