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Additional Cigarettes Tax Planned in Danville

cheapest virginia cigarettesSome smokers a think that the price for a pack of cigs is high now but they don’t know that the cigarettes cost can be soon much higher in Danville. This week, the city manager proposed 30 cents per package tax hick that would be included in next year’s budget. Almost every city in the state has a cig tax, but Danville’s not among them yet. The budget there has become so concise that officials are declared that this may be the only alternative to quit.

“It should stay at the same price it is at because everything is so high, why go up on cigs too?” reported smoker Belinda Fitzgarald.

The average price per package in Danville is approximately $4, and with an additional tax proposed on top of that, some smokers are not agreed with new changes.

“Cause they know they’re addicted to cigarettes smoking, so they keep increasing the price,” declared Fitzgarald.

“Some people continue to smoke but other people do not. But also some of them eat in restaurants, other people don’t. We have taxes on restaurants and hotel rooms, and cigs would fall into that category,” explained Joe King, the Danville City Manager.

Income to the city is decreased, and officials think it’s now the favorable time to force smokers to pay taxes.

“It’s very important for cities to have more sources of income that produce ongoing… not just one time revenue sources, but year after year,” also added King.

Thirty of 39 cities in Virginia tax cigarettes, but Danville isn’t one of them. Officials say they’ve already made too many cuts to the budget. The only answer now without raising property taxes are tobacco products.

But some city council members declared that’ll just invite inhabitants to spend their money elsewhere.


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