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Americans Smoking Rates Down

buy kiss cigarettesAmericans are living longer mainly due to better medical care and declines in smoking rates. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds Americans overall death risk dropped 60 percent since 1935. The team notes several reasons for longer lives, like healthier lifestyles and advances in the medical field. On the down side, the team notes medical costs and the obesity epidemic are shortening some life spans. They say results from these two groups are not yet reflected in the death rate. Smokers are suing Canada’s three main tobacco companies for up to $27 billion in damages and penalties.

The civil case headed to court this week. The Quebec smokers say they weren’t properly warned about the dangers. The cigarette companies deny the allegations. You’ve probably heard the term “sitting disease”.

It’s how doctors describe the kind of damage too much sitting time does to our bodies. If you’re sedentary for big chunks of the day, your risk of death from many causes goes up.

Now a new study shows just getting up and taking a short walking break just two minutes at a time can help keep glucose and insulin levels in check.

Overall, getting up and engaging in light activity lowered the rise in glucose and insulin levels by more than 20 percent.


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