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Amway Center Smoking Ban Opposed

best avalon cigarettes onlineAn Orlando man says tougher restrictions on smoking Avalon and other famous brands at the Amway Center are leading to more people sneaking cigarettes inside. Mike Sciotto was at an event at the Amway Center this month. “I excuse myself to go to the restroom, and there’s smoking going on in there, and the building is supposed to be smoke-free,” he said.

Sciotto complained to staff about the problem, but said he was told there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

In order to be LEED-certified — an environmental and energy-efficient distinction — Orlando promised there would not be smoking inside the building or within 25 feet of it, including at the veue’s outdoor bars.

“We paid a fortune for this arena, there was a lot of political hand-ringing in the construction of this arena, so why have a law if you aren’t going to enforce it?” Sciotto said.

The 25-foot smoking ban puts you on the outside of entrance barriers on Church Street. That could be why people are choosing to sneak their smokes, and Sciotto says staff has decided to butt out of patrons’ business.

But a city spokesperson told News 13 the policy is “ask them to stop smoking, or to ask them to move. If they refuse, they can remove them from the building for non-compliance.”

She went on to say she had “informed Orlando Venues of this incident, and they are working with their security team to ensure staff knows what to do in these situations.”

Sciotto hopes they get the message before his next trip to Amway.


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