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Anti-Smoking Ordinances in Arlington

cheapest kent cigaretteSmoking tobacco at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington could soon be banned. Puffing on a cig at Cowboys Stadium could lure a punishment. The slow but firm expansion of local no-smoking regulations may be taking another step in Arlington, where a City Council committee has begun reexamining the city’s smoking law. Councilman Robert Rivera pressured the council to take another look at the legislation. Some other city council members, for example Mayor Robert Cluck, a physician, have supported previous law.

It’s a favorable time to go through the anti-smoking legislation again, and tourist attractions like Rangers Ballpark and Cowboys Stadium are a wonderful place to start.

The last main changes in the law came in 2006 when the council banned indoor smoking at restaurants, hotels and even motels. Smoking is permitted at some places like private bars and nightclubs all of which must not allow patrons  and employees under 18.

Even the University of Texas at Arlington is a non-smoking campus. One influence for that ban, executed in more than two years, is that the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas will not fund study projects where smoking is permitted.

For example some of the Texas cities, like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and El Paso, prohibited smoking in office buildings, and there’s a very long list of other regulations in cities through the state.

After decades of investigation, process and public legislation-making on the issue, it’s hard to declare the main reason of smoking ban. That is, cigarettes smoke, including passive smoking, harm inhabitant’s health.



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