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Body and Mind Influence Quitting Smoking After Stroke

buy hilton cigarettes onlineQuitting smoking after a stroke was more likely if the portion of the brain responsible for processing emotions was affected. — Those who planned to stop smoking before having a stroke were more than twice as likely to be non-smokers after a year compared to patients who hadn’t considered quitting. — These factors might help tailor smoking cessation treatment and education programs.

The region of the brain damaged by stroke and their intention to quit smoking before having their stroke influence patients giving up the habit, based on research reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

“We found that both biological and psychological factors may influence someone’s smoking status after a stroke,” said Rosa Suñer, Ph.D., lead author of the study, researcher at the Josep Trueta Hospital, Neurology Department, IdiBGi, and professor of nursing, Girona University in Girona, Spain.

One hundred and ten stroke survivors, who were smokers when they had a stroke, were studied for up to a year after being discharged from the hospital. For these patients, researchers evaluated smoking history and medical information such as type and location of stroke, functional state of the patient at discharge and their length of hospital stay.


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