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Tobacco Companies Remains Profitable

| November 16, 2012

cheapest chesterfield cigarettesTobacco industries have no reason to complain about the sin tax ordinance because the in company will still be beneficial, according to a Palace official. Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda brushed aside the appeal of the tobacco industries to defer the bill that would increase sin taxes on sin smoking products supposedly by 1,000 per cent. The plead of the tobacco firms, which instead sought for a “dispute that works for all of us,” was published in paid ads in several newspapers.


Marlboro Sales, Altria Tobacco Market Report

| October 24, 2012

discount marlboro cigaretteAltria Group Inc., parent of the biggest U.S. tobacco company, Philip Morris USA, should give investors a sense of whether its top-selling Marlboro smoking brand can keep its command of the tobacco market when it releases third-quarter financial results before the stock market opens Thursday. In the third quarter year before, Altria’s Philip Morris USA experienced one of the biggest U.S. market-share drops of its premium Marlboro brand in at least four years as the brand lost 0.9 points of market share to end up with 41.7 per cent of the tobacco market.


Cigarette Butts Penalty, Borough Council Tobacco Control

| October 19, 2012

cheap beratt cigsThe West Chester Borough Council voted to enact a new law that would fine smokers at least $100 if they’re caught littering their cigarettes butts. “We have a big problem with the clearance of our streets,” said borough council president Holly Brown. “The cigarettes butts get stuck in our brick sidewalks, and this is an effort to try to ameliorate some of those problems.”


Tax Increase on all Cigarettes, Missouri Tobacco Control

| October 18, 2012

cheap kent cigaretteThe fact that it is an important election season has not slipped by anyone. Everyone is being attacked by campaign advertisements from the presidential race to the Missouri senatorial race. However, there is one thing that has not been publicized as much in the northwest part of the state that will be on the ballot this election. Missouri residents will have a spot on their votes this November for Proposition B. Prop. B is a ballot initiative designed to increased taxes on cigs and other smoking products. The proposed tax increase would raise the tax on all cigarettes by 73 cents.


Cigarettes Sales in Goa, Smoking Control

| September 27, 2012

cheap marlboro cigaretteGoa government has asked all stores and establishments and eating outlets not to sell smoking products in any form. The establishments have been directed “not to store or sell products in the form of cigs, cigars, biddies, gutka, hukkah, etc” failing which they would be “dealth with severely as per the legislation”, an official statement reported. For all the new premises, not to sell smokes would be a condition while issuing license the state government has directed all the government agencies namely the municipalities, panchayats, health services centres, tourism and food and drugs administration to inform all their subordinate Offices under their smoking control, who are involved in the issue for eating outlets in the State,