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Japanese Tobacco Growers Expect Lesser Profit

| January 14, 2016

The common leaf tobacco grower price for Japan’s 2016 harvest has been fixed at a reduced stage than that of 2015 regardless of the sole buyer’s having declared a week ago that its earnings rose.


Caines ultra light cigarettes pack

| January 6, 2014

Caines cigarettes
Caines cigarettes are produced in Sweden ,Latvia,Lithuania & Denmark by House of Prince. King size (85 mm), hard pack, 10 or 20 cigarettes in a pack. House of Prince A/S, a Danish Cigarette manufactures. Denmark’s only cigarette manufacture. An independent subsidiary of Scandinavian Tobacco Company.


Lucky Strike 3D Pack

| December 2, 2013

Lucky Strike gained its name as a reference to the Gold Rush days, when prospectors who happened upon great riches were Lucky Strikes said to have made a “lucky strike.” By selecting this particular name for the product, its manufacturers implied consumers who chose this brand of tobacco were themselves making a “lucky strike” in the form of happening upon a fine product.


Sobranie cigarettes, Industrial design

| September 20, 2013

Sobranie is one of the oldest cigarettes brands in the world. It was established in 1879 by the Redstone family. In the early 1980s, the trademarks for Sobranie were sold to Gallaher Group, which continued to produce it. Gallaher was subsequently purchased by Japan Tobacco.


Camel Cigarette Slim Pack

| August 30, 2013

3 To create stylish and modern designs, a curved-pack, featuring edges that have been tapered off into smooth curves, and black and white, for the ultimate in simplicity, are used for the cigarette packaging.