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Nicotine Addiction and Green Tea

| October 23, 2012

order camel cigarettesDrink green tea to get over the nicotine addiction, declared Chinese scientists — and this is a finding that medical professionals in Kerala have reacted positively to. A recent research titled `A Revolutionary Approach for the Cessation of Smoking Tobacco`, published in Science China Life Sciences, a peer-reviewed open-access journal, cites how investigators used custom-developed cigs with components of green tea as filters in a bid to treat addiction to smoking habit. Phinse Philip, a lecturer in the Community Oncology Division of the Malabar Cancer Centre, argued that pharmacotherapy such as nicotine replacement therapy had generally been found effective in getting smokers to quit smoking.


Smoking Orangutan and Nicotine Addiction, Zoo News

| July 5, 2012

cheap hilton cigaretteTori, a female orangutan smokes cigs she has got from visitors at Jurug animal park in Solo, Central Java. The Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) are intending to move her, along with her partner, to a small island away from park visitors. Tori learned how to smoke cigarette by visitors smoking near her cage. Her parents were also smokers.


Reducing Nicotine Level in Cigarettes Accepted by Americans

| February 21, 2012

american smokers onlineMost of American smoking adults support the new idea of reducing nicotine level in cigarettes for to prevent inhabitants, especially kids, from smoking addiction, a recent study showed.  Scientists investigated almost 511 non-smokers and 510 smokers aged 18 years old and even older and found most of investigated people support the reducing level of nicotine in smoking products.


Columbus and Toledo Won’t Use Tobacco

| January 27, 2012

discount sovereign cigarettesAll 3,200 employees at casinos to open this year in Columbus and Toledo will have at least one thing in common, if owner Penn National is sucessful: They won’t use tobacco. Everyone who applies to work at either casino will be screened for nicotine use, and those who test positive won’t be hired, according to the company. That doesn’t just preclude smokers, but those who chew tobacco, use snuff or even wear a nicotine patch.


Pets Health Problems from Smoking Exposure

| January 17, 2012

tax free cigarettes onlineNeed help with a New Year’s resolution to stop smoking? Do it for your pet. Three separate studies at three veterinary colleges showed that dogs and cats whose owners smoke are more likely to develop health problems from secondhand smoke, including cancers of the nose, lung and lymphatic system. If you do quit for your pet, you’ll not be alone in doing so: Another study suggests people are more likely to quit for a pet than for a spouse.