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Kids Passive Smoking, Sunderland Smoking Ban

| April 2, 2012

cheapest winston cigaretteA main campaign is being launched to stop Wearside children being harmed by second-hand smoke. Health bosses say that youngsters are breathing in harmful cancer-causing toxins and poisons by being near people who smoke each day. They argue it increases the chances of children getting lung disease and meningitis, while also costing the NHS more than £23million annually. The campaign comes after a survey of North East children revealed some shocking statistics. It found that 99 per cent of children want their parents to give up smoking, and that 97 per cent wished their mums and dads wouldn’t light up cigarettes in front of them in the home.


No Eluding the Dangers of Tobacco Use

| December 21, 2011

cheap president cigarette onlineGiven the history of half-truths and special pleading which characterise the public pronouncements of tobacco companies, many people will find it unsurprising that the latest analysis casts doubt on previous industry-backed studies into the safety of cheap President cigarette additives. Indeed, independent scientists now claim that research published by Philip Morris a decade ago actually “obscured findings of toxicity”. No doubt Philip Morris, the world’s second-biggest cigarette company, will explain why its original gloss on the research was correct. Yet many will find it odd to be arguing over details when the harm done by smoking is undisputed. But politics, business and law are different than science.


Smoke-Free Beaches in Cape May

| October 24, 2011

best quality wind cigarettesCape May‘s move to ban smoking on its beaches, oceanfront Promenade and in public parks will be seen by some as yet another assault on the rights of smokers. But really, it may simply be an effective marketing tool. Smokers certainly are under fire these days.


Smoking Ban in Frederick Parks

| August 24, 2011

best kent cigarette onlineThere wasn’t much smoking Kent cigarette going on in two Frederick city parks on Tuesday, but there was even less support for a smoking ban. Today’s Board of Aldermen workshop agenda includes discussion of banning smoking at all city parks. Martin Plummer was smoking a cigarette at Hospital Park next to Frederick Memorial Hospital on Tuesday when he heard the ban was being considered.


Should Smoking in Cars be Illegal?

| June 15, 2011

discount hilton cigarettesFirst of all, who still smokes Hilton cigarettes? I mean, really? Don’t we all know by now how filthy and disgusting and treacherous they are? Second of all, who possibly smokes cigarettes around kids? Kill yourself however you want, but your kids, too? Really?