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Plan to Control Smoking in Kingman Parks

| September 25, 2012

cheap hilton cigaretteThere will be no absolute ban on smoking tobacco in Kingman parks for now, but a pilot program to discourage smoking in certain places cleared a major hurdle Wednesday. The Kingman Parks and Recreation Commission voted 6-1 to recommend the implementation of the program, which designates certain places as non-smoking and provides receptacles for smokers to get rid of their cigarette butts, to City Council. The vote came after a motion to recommend a complete prohibition failed 4-3.


Smoking Rate Higher Among Rural Inhabitants, Kentucky Smoke-Free

| August 16, 2012

cheap ok cigaretteCigarette smoking among teenagers in Kentucky is higher especially in rural places, because there tobacco products are cheaper. That’s the main conclusion of the American Lung Association study, “Cutting Tobacco’s Rural Roots: Tobacco Use in Rural Areas.” Young Smokers in rural places are also more likely to start smoking habit earlier, and are twice as likely to use smokeless tobacco. 24.8 per cent Kentucky’s adult population smokes and 41.62 per cent lives in rural places.


Smoking Ban New Move in Durham County

| August 3, 2012

cheapest camel cigarettesOf course the juxtaposition was not lost on anyone who was present on Wednesday at a celebration marking the Durham County Board of Health’s Smoking Legislation taking effect. The new event took place at the American Tobacco Campus, at what was once the home of the American Tobacco Co. and Liggett & Myers. The Smoking Rule, enforced on Aug. 1, bans smoking not only in government buildings, health care facilities, and also schools. It expands smoke-free places to include Durham County grounds, City of Durham grounds, the city park system, city and county bus stops and many other transportation centers, and city, public school and hospital grounds.


Cigarettes Ads on Internet and Smartphones, Altria Groups

| May 18, 2012

cheapest ok cigarettesThis time of year, shareholders bombard corporations with new proposes about executive pay, governance and other secrets. But once in a while, an suggestion comes along that really stands out. This year’s reward may go to Daniel Morrison, who asked Altria Group, the parent company of Philip Morris USA, to increase TV and radio advertisements for its cigs and smokeless tobacco products.


Pipe and Hookah Smoking Warned

| March 14, 2012

discount ahram tobacco onlineSpending one hour smoking flavoured tobacco through a shisha pipe can be the same as inhaling the smoke of 100 cigarettes, a charity has warned. British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland issued the warning about the exotic water pipes as thousands of Scots are expected to stub out their cigarettes on No Smoking Day. It said a survey revealed that 84% of respondents in Scotland believed a shisha was the equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes or fewer while “almost everyone” polled was unaware the amount of smoke inhaled in a typical one-hour session could equal that of 100. The survey also showed that 9% of Scots use the pipes, which are also known as hookahs. A freedom of information request submitted by BHF to Glasgow City Council showed that there has been an increase in shisha bars trading in Scotland’s largest city in the past five years.