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Smokers Make Plan to Become Healthier

| January 3, 2012

cheap camel cigaretteThe holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends, exchange gifts and enjoy holiday treats. In addition, it is a time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the upcoming year. If you are a tobacco user, make plans to become healthier by deciding 2012 is the year you become tobacco-free. Whether you are a smoker or a smokeless tobacco user, there are many benefits to quitting. “Nicotine is an incredibly addictive drug and the cravings and withdrawal symptoms can overpower even the strongest will,” said Roy Hart, director of the Office of Tobacco Control at the Mississippi State Department of Health. “Those who seek and receive professional help are twice as likely to quit for good.”


Combat Children Obesity – Tobacco-Style

| December 6, 2011

cigarettes tax onlineWith European children getting heavier and less active, health experts say policymakers should draw a lesson from anti-tobacco campaigns and consider heavier taxation schemes to combat teenage fat. Taxing salty, sugary foods to discourage consumption, restricting junk-food advertising and promoting healthy eating habits and exercise would raise awareness to a health problem that could have long-term effects on already shaky public health systems.


Smoking Trend Reduced

| September 9, 2011

camel cigarettes onlineCanadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey of 2010 had notified that the country’s smoking population has reduced to 17% from the preceding year’s 18%. The survey has been analyzing the count since 1999 and 2010 has been the year with the least number of smokers. The rate was 25% in 1999 which has reduced to nearly 17% in 2010.


Tobacco Epidemic in 2011

| July 11, 2011

discount kent cigarettes onlineA new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that the tobacco epidemic is likely to kill nearly six million people this year. As per the report, while more than five million of them will be users or ex-users of Kent cigarettes smoked and smokeless tobacco, more than 600,000 will be passive smokers. By 2030, tobacco could kill eight million people a year, it said.


Smoking Fights in Springfield

| June 13, 2011

best virginia cigarettes onlineSpringfield’s new Virginia smoking ban is causing some businesses to move outside. This weekend, The Albatross moved its customers outside so it could stay within the city’s new ordinance. The event also raised money for a civil lawsuit against the city that challenges the new ordinance.