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University Hopes to Decrease Students Smoking Rates

| January 17, 2012

tax free prima lux cigarettesThe vow to quit smoking undoubtedly ranked high on many people’s lists of New Year’s resolutions for 2012. PUC faculty and staff members that smoke may be more motivated than ever to quit after a new university healthcare policy rate increase went into effect on Jan. 1. The premium rate increase of $250 applies to faculty and staff members that currently use or have used tobacco in the past twelve months. The same increase applies to a spouse of a PUC employee. Recommended by a university committee, the decision to raise the rate for smokers was announced during the 2011 fall semester. CIGNA, the university’s healthcare provider, covers a myriad of services for all employees, regardless of whether they are affected by the rate increase.


Jordan’s Smoking Habit, Expert Warns

| January 3, 2012

discount avalon cigarettesAlthough there are no up-to-date surveys on the prevalence of tobacco and Avalon cigarettes smoking in Jordan, an expert warned that indicators show an increase in both the number of smokers and the diseases resulting from smoking. Dr. Feras Hawari, chief of pulmonary and critical care and director of the cancer control office at the King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC), said smoking is responsible for 25 per cent of cancer cases among males in Jordan, including lung, head, neck, and bladder cancers, as well as the majority of chronic diseases including cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.


Contraband Cigarettes a Serious Concern

| December 20, 2011

cheap sobranie cigarettesSo-called “smoke shacks” may have their detractors, but there’s no denying their popularity. During one afternoon last week, QMI Agency monitored a 7/11 store on Christina St. in Sarnia for one hour and saw two packs of cheap Sobranie cigarettes sold. During another one-hour period the same day, 56 vehicles drove up to a smoke shop on Indian Rd., a roadside trailer advertising food, drinks, and “$2 Royals.”


Secondhand Smoke Trial May Set Precedent

| November 4, 2011

cheap golden gate cigarettes onlineThe Greenbelt secondhand smoke trial came to a quick conclusion today after a lengthy trial. Judge Albert Northrop ruled David Schuman deserved no compensation for his claim that his neighbor’s secondhand smoke created a nuisance that Greenbelt Homes Inc. (GHI) failed to solve. Northrop noted if he had ruled in favor of Schuman the case would set the precedent for action on secondhand smoke claims not just for condominiums and townhomes, but also single-family homes.


Bullitt County Smoking Ban Discarded

| September 16, 2011

best quality doina cigarettesA Bullitt County judge says the county health department’s proposed smoking ban is unlawful, implying the department’s decision to enact the ban was Orwellian. Judge Rodney Burress writes in his ruling if the health department can decide who smokes Doina cigarettes where, it could also decide what time individuals could go to bed.