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People Profit from Smoking Habit, Tobacco Business

| October 17, 2012

buy camel cigsHere it comes, couched in an otherwise rather obtuse debate about state tax ordinance — one more erroneous from the people who profit from the deadly and addictive smoking habit. “We’re still just selling free tobacco,” declared Renia Liu about her family-owned tobacco business, the Tobacco Roll shop in Clifton Park. Not quite. It’s selling tobacco products, all right, but in a way that horrible, if cleverly, dodges the appropriately high taxes on manufactured cigs.


Tobacco Market and Cigarettes Price Hike, U.S. Tobacco

| February 2, 2012

discount leana cigarettesPhilip Morris International Korea’s recent plan to raise its discount Leana cigarette prices is fueling concerns over inflation as rumors swirl that its bigger rival KT&G will soon follow suit. The Korean unit of the U.S. tobacco giant is to slap an unexpected price increase averaging 6.8 percent starting Feb. 10 to offset rising raw material and labor costs.


Tobacco Policies Failed in U.S. States

| January 20, 2012

best kiss cigarettesAnti-tobacco efforts by U.S. states were “abysmal” last year as their collective spending on anti- smoking programs declined 11 percent and only two raised best Kiss cigarette taxes, the American Lung Association said. While more than half the states already ban the use of cigarettes in restaurants, bars and workplaces, no additional states passed comprehensive anti-smoking laws last year, the Washington-based health advocacy group said today in a report.


Cigarettes Money Collected

| January 11, 2012

tax free cigarette onlineAn effort to collect potentially millions of dollars more from the sale of cigarettes in the state has been approved by the Board of Examiners. The board recommended hiring auditors to make sure the state is collecting all the money it’s due. The $260,164 to pay for the personnel will come from a reserve account.


Tobacco Tax Set to Increase

| November 23, 2011

best quality armada cigarettesThe government is preparing to raise tobacco tax, to be introduced after the ban on indoor smoking discount Armada cigarettes comes into effect from January 1, secretary for Economy and Finance, Francis Tam Pak Yuen, said yesterday at the Legislative Assembly. In Macau, the tobacco tax was last updated in 2009 and is currently at MOP 0.2 per cigarette or MOP 4 per 20-cigarette pack. But the Health Bureau has promised to increase this figure, lawmaker Ng Kuok Cheong recalled.