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China’s Tobacco Company Pressure

tax free pall mall cigarettePressure is gone up on China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) for to make it to refuse to regard a tobacco research new program for a top science decision, after the World Health Organization (WHO) stepped into the dispute. China Tobacco (China National Tobacco Corporation), combined to the State Tobacco Monopoly, has requested to have its investigation into supposedly less harmful cigs included on a list of initiatives up for the 2012 National Award for Science and Technology. Its new application is open to appeals until beginning of May.

Chinese health researchers have attacked China Tobacco’s probable crowning, declaring that the recognition would violate the spirit of the new award, under which it is evidently stated that study should not be against the protection of the inhabitants’ health.

But a spokesman for the MST reported that new investigation in the tobacco market is laudable if it can decline the harm brought from smoking habit.

In an interview with Xinhua, Dr. Michael O’Leary, the WHO’s representative in China, explained that there is a strong risk in research being used to suggest some smoking products are less injurious than others and so may be more safely to be consumed.

“Such false information can be very harmful for inhabitants,” said O’Leary. “There is no safe level of cigarettes consumption. The effective way to lower the harm is to reduce the number of people who usually smoke or who are exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke.”

He concluded that new attempts to offer some cigs are safer happen in many states, and are usually main part of Tobacco Industries to mislead the inhabitants and to encourage them to smoke more than usual.



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