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Cigarette Packs Less Attractive, New Anti-Smoking Plan

best winston cigarettesThe state gov is considering the new intention to eliminate all branding from cig packs sold in big states like England for to make smoking products appear less attractive. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley also said that the government did not work with tobacco industries as it wanted them to have “any business” in the UK. He  added 5% of 11 to 15-year-olds were every day smokers and the smoking habit led to approximately 100,000 deaths in the UK yearly.

In a recent interview with the newspaper Mr. Lansley explained that he was open-minded but he believe that charming packs helped increase smokers amount from a young age.

More than 300,000 kids aged under 16 in England try to smoke cigarettes each year, according to government authorities. The consultation will also investigate if plain cigarette packages could lead to an increase in cigarette packs being sold on the black tobacco market.

Mr. Lansley reported that the cigarettes industries used of course bright colors for to rise people’s memories and their tobacco brands are also a type of promotion.

“We don’t want to be partners with the tobacco companies because we are trying to come at a point where they have no tobacco business in this country,” he concluded.



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