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Cigarette Vending Machines Should Be Illegal, New Plan

The Cigarettes Vending MachinesA new plan to prohibit cigarette vending machines has been uncovered by the Welsh Government in a recent meeting.The proposals of using vending machines and the displaying of smoking products in shops will be blocked for to discourage minors from starting smoking. This fresh move was welcomed even by Dr. Richard Lewis, Welsh Secretary of the British Medical Association Wales.

He explained: “British Medical Association (BMA) of Welsh is very satisfied that the General Assembly is intending to introduce new measures for to protect kids and young people’ health from tobacco.”

As it is known teenagers think that cigarettes are in vogue and cool but in reality they are one of the most other dangerous things, because these products have a 50% chance of killing them.

So, displaying cigarettes in shops, cigarette vending machines and even tobacco packaging design all can contribute to encourage smoking among youngsters. However, it is indispensable that cigarettes are manufactured less available to children and this new plan will help to achieve this.

Chris Mulholland, head of the British Lung Foundation Wales, sustained: “Smoking among kids is still too high. Approximately a quarter of girls aged 15 and 16 years old smoke. A lot of studies found and showed that vending machines are a main source of tobacco for 17% of teens who smoke. This is the main cause why we support the suggestions to ban the sale of cigarettes through these machines, and of course against the display of tobacco products in shops.”

After a period of three-month consultation, which will be ended by July 6th, the Assembly hopes to introduce the new regulations and bring Wales in line with other countries in the UK. It is hoped the ban will come into force in October 2011, with the ban of course on larger shops coming into affect from October 2013.

Health Minister Edwina Hart added: “The Welsh Assembly Government’s goal is to protect children and young people’ health from the very bad risks of smoking, while assuring that the legislations are profitable in practice.”

Under the new proposals, specialist tobacconists will still be capable to display products within their shop, furnishing the displays which cannot be seen from outside.

But Simon Clark, director of smokers’ lobby group Forest, declared that the ban will have little effects on the numbers of youngsters which smoke.

He noted: “We are against the display ban because there is not enough evidences to purpose it will have a positive impact on young people. It is a consumer product and people should be permitted to see the products on the shelves.”


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