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Cigarettes Marketing Harmful for Kids

cheapest lm cigaretteEight in 10 inhabitants questioned in Scotland think that cigarettes marketing is more harmful especially to kids, according to a new study. The poll disclosed 86% of those investigated also believe that children should not be exposed to any cigarette ads. Cancer Research UK explained that it released the results as the UK Government consults on whether to put all tobacco in packages of uniform size, shape and even design, with large letters of health warnings on the front and even the back of packs.

It found that almost 70 percent thought the colorful branding and attracting logos make cigs more appealing to kids.

The alms is now pleading people to sign their The Answer is Plain campaign, which is calling for all smoking branding to be removed.

Vicky Crichton, public affairs manager for Scotland, declared: “This study shows that people across the country evidently support action to escape one of the last ways the cigarettes maker can manufacture its smoking products. So we’re asking them to sign our petition and also to help end the ‘package racket’.

“Many parents know that their kids are really very attached to such smoking brands and cleverly-designed packs plays a very important role in keeping that attraction. But when we are talking about tobacco, then it’s time to change the legislation.

“We have a single opportunity to protect kids from the marketing of this product. This is not about ‘the nanny state’. This is about us as a society saying that it is wrong for tobacco – a smoking product that kills half of all its long-term users – to be marketed to kids as though it were a bag of sweets.”


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