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Electronic Cigarette Can Beat The Smoking Gene

buy virginia cigarettes“A smoking gene may play a very important role in how many cigs smokers can smoke every day.” Scientists from 50 medical institutions across the country investigated genetic material of more than 32,000 African-American smokers and non smokers for to see if certain genes predicted when they began smoking habit, how many cigs they smoked per day, and how they were able to kick the smoking.

According to the new research, a variant in a nicotine receptor gene forecasts about one additional cigarette smoked per day. This same general location has been implicated in smoking habit among white Europeans. Among African-Americans, the new genetic marker appears on a different place on the same gene.

While people can’t change their genetics, they can still smoke tobacco safer. Smokeless products also know as electronic cigarettes have recently gained a lot of popularity.

As all people know e-cigarette is a battery run new device that gives a smoker inhaled tobacco flavored nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine special solution to the smoker lungs. Once the body absorbs the doze of nicotine, smokers exhale a harmless water vapor that appears as tobacco smoke. This permits using “smokeless cigs” nearly anywhere without any passive smoking effects.

Many addicted smokers have used this new smoking device for to quit smoking.

For example, a veteran smoker and e-cigarette smoker Jenny Jenkins from Houston declared: “I smoked a package of cigarettes per day for almost 20 years but after my electronic cig, I found myself down to half a packaging on my first day. I just took out my e-cig any time. I felt an urge to smoke few puffs. I had no more desire to smoke a regular cigarette. I now have much more energy at the end of the working day.”


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