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Electronic Cigarettes Blended Smoking Feelings

discount winston cigaretteAlmost more than 45 million Americans are smokers. Some of them especially those who desire to quit smoking are started to smoke e-cigs. For example, Chris Mikovits was a regular cigarette smoker for almost 25 years, but two years ago he decided to quit smoking cigarettes. Now he started to smoke e-cigarette and he it calls vaporizer. “I have tried to smoke everything that will help me kick the smoking habit and I discovered that with e-cig helps I  quit smoking and completely”, Mikovits declared. Electronic cigarette looks and it taste is like a traditional cigarette, the only difference is that it has battery which deliver vaporized nicotine without tar.

Consumer Reports’ Jamie Kopf took a look at the investigations and added that some of smokers suggest they might be a last refuge for smokers who have tried quitting and failed.

“A recent report observed that new methods like the nicotine patch and gum aren’t as effective as we once thought,” Kopf said.

Nevertheless, Consumer Reports declared that electronic cigs which are sold now online have not been approved yet by the FDA, so their safety is not sure.



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