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Fewer Cigarettes in a Pack and the Same Price

buy pall mall cigarettes onlineFAG firms are ripping off smokers by shrinking the number of cigarettes in a packet – while keeping prices the same. Not just smokes … shrinking product. Crafty companies are now putting only 19 ciggies in packs instead of the usual 20, equal to a FIVE per cent reduction in size. But when the Pall Mall smoking brand first tried the trick the price was cut from £4.25 to £4.22 – a saving of only ONE per cent.

Since then Pall Mall has hiked the price back to £4.67 for 19 cigarettes, with some cigarette shops charging up to £5.21.

And while multi-buy cartons warn there are fewer fags than normal, there is no wording on the 19-pack.

Ronson Superkings are also being sold in 19s in a multi-pack of five, giving 95 fags for £23.60.

The cuts are the latest example of a tactic known in the US as the “Grocery Shrink Ray”.

Hundreds of shopping items including Penguin chocolate biscuits, Yeo Valley yogurts and KP nuts have been cut in size.

Consumer champion Martin Lewis, said: “It is a stealth price rise.

“Consumers are irked by companies not being honest.”

Lucy Yates, of Consumer Focus, said: “Shrinking size but not price could damage trust in brands.”

Pall Mall’s makers British American Tobacco claimed consumers preferred stable prices over size.


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