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Headache among Teens because of Smoking, Excess Weight and Lack of Exercise

cigarettes onlineA recent health report has brought out the fact that teenagers who smoke Kent and other smoking brands, do little exercise and are overweight tend to have more migraines and headaches as compared to teenagers who do not have any of these factors. The research findings have been published in the journal Neurology.

It has now been proven that 55% teenagers who have all of these three factors in their lifestyle notably had more frequent headaches. The figure dropped down to just 25% in the teenagers who did not have any of these lifestyle factors. Even when the teenagers had two of these three factors they were almost two times more prone to headaches.

In earlier studies, not much importance was given to these lifestyle factors. This study will now further help in research and study about various lifestyle factors and their effect on the teenage health. The research was done on 5,847 students of age group 13-18.

The nurses asked the students about the frequency of headaches, weight and height. There was also a questionnaire that had questions regarding the physical activity they indulge in their smoking habits. The research brought out the fact that 36% of girls and 21% of the boys had headaches that kept occurring.


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