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Incomplete Realization of the Smoking Legislation

buy richmond cigarettes onlineIn the municipality of Mitrovica, the Law on Smoking is not being implemented in practice. People do smoke everywhere, in streets, cafeterias, school, etc. Although in many bars there are placed notes «No Smoking», everybody keep smoking. Whereas the waiters say that should they tell any client not to smoke, they would stop coming to the bar.

This is why they allow hazardous smoking. Besim Hoti, Police spokesman for the municipality of Mitrovica, told M-i2 Magazine that “the law is not being implemented”. In this case smokers can be punished only by the owner of the facility, who prevents the smokers on his own, not because it is prohibited by law. They are free to smoke anywhere, regardless the law “. He added that the Labour Inspectorate in Municipality deals with this law.

Labor Inspectorate added that they are not supposed to deal with it. Due to numerous laws they have been promised, they do not have time to carry out all the works, and Sanitary Inspectorate is supposed to deal with.

Tafil Salihu, head of Sanitary Inspectorate, stressed that they have undertaken necessary measures to ban smoking. There are 3 sanitary inspectors, leaflets and signaling notes were put in public places. They have not fined anyone so far; they have given advices, remarks, because the smoker would be able to pay fines.

Health House, Municipality and hotels are places where the law is mostly implemented. He added that no one can say that the law is not being implemented, because signaling notes are stick anywhere, but the citizens are those who smoke everywhere and the prohibition law has not yet entered into their mentality, and this is expected to be resolved gradually in time.

Whereas, there are so much cafeterias that because of conditions were not divided into smokers and non-smokers areas, which anticipates that public places to be allowed only 30% of premises for smokers. But there are also many other cafeterias that ban smoking, and the cafeteria is divided into two areas, where they can smoke and where the smoking is strictly banned.

Agron A. is the owner of the “Flat 137Pub ” who told Mi2 that “the cafeteria is opened just three days ago, and therefore he did not make the division of the bar, but he thinks that after the completion of some works he will do it. Agron told he still has not placed notes, but he expects to do it in due time. He hopes this will also be welcomed by the customers,, because it is in their best. However, every thing has its own negative and positive side.

The owner of the “Restaurant Fiona”, Abedin Jeliçi, said that “due to material damages that the physical division could cause to me “, he in consultation with national experts and some internationals decided to install air-absorbent. He thinks the division of the cafeteria is a standardized solution and it will be good and necessary for each premise. Although the division of area is made, they have placed notes everywhere. But not only he is satisfied, but the citizens are also satisfied, because they can go to such places.

“Plus” is also one of the most frequented places in Mitrovica. There are notes but nobody respects the law. Mirsad H., one of the owners of the facility, said this was the only thing they could do, because they are not in a position to do such a physical division. Eroll Vetmi, the owner of the restaurant Vivianiti, said that at the beginning he banned smoking in his restaurant, but he caused his clients to leave the bar. Now he has placed notes everywhere in the restaurant, but yet he did not physically divide the premises. .

Blerim.T, 18-year-old boy, told Mi2 that he started smoking three years ago, with his friends. Now he is a regular smoker. He tells that he used to smoke secretly from his family, and he never had problem buying cigarettes, though he was under 18 years. He added that although there are no-smoking notes in many cafeterias, nobody bans it, and the moment the smoking would hinder him, he probably would have stopped visiting that bar.

Another concern is the pregnant women who smoke during pregnancy phase. Merita.C. although a regular smoker told the moment she found out that she was pregnant; she has quitted smoking, knowing the consequences that would be transferred to her child.


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