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Irish Smoke-Free Measures Protect Workers

cheapest camel cigarettesMore than 1,700 inhabitants who would have died from tobacco-related diseases are alive because of anti-smoking regulations in Ireland, a new research found. Measures such as significant increases in the price of smoking products and the workplace smoking ban, enforced in Ireland in 2004, have prolonged the lives of 1,716 residents. The information forms the first of 11 researches to examine the effects of smoking tobacco cessation laws in European countries.

One of the authors of the study, Prof Luke Clancy, declared that cigarettes price raises were the most important factor in making smokers quit smoking in Ireland.

He argued that it was a surprise that the second-biggest main factor in convincing inhabitants quit was the workplace ban, which was disputable enforced in 2004.

The new measure was brought in to protect workers from passive smoking and was not expected to be a deterrent to tobacco smoking in its own right.

Ireland scored poorly on media campaigns and smoking-cessation services which, for example, the UK is very strong on, he added.

Prof Clancy declared that 1,000 fewer inhabitants in Ireland die each year from smoking-related diseases than in 1998.


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