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Khaki Green Cigarettes Packaging, New Law

tax free ok cigaretteCigarettes packs could be khaki green and portrayed with health smoking messages rather than the showy smoking brands that are used for to tempt smokers. Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia declared that tobacco companies would still be capable to print their new and old brands on the white or green colored cigarette packages. “The smoking brand will be on there … but not in the way it is now.”

The Government’s new ban on branded cigarette packs is the next main step for to make the New Zealand smoke free by 2025 and could be implemented in July.

Tobacco Companies are decided to start a new battle for to move the  plain packages legislation, which they say won’t reduce smoking rates. Instead, it will infringe on their intellectual property rights and see their profits go up in smoke.

Turia declared that the cigarettes industry should understand that domestic legislation were not decided by them.

“Their interest is in income, our interest is in keeping our communities and our people well and basically that’s why we’re doing this.”

It is hoped plain cigarettes packaging would remove the number of young smokers taking up the deadly smoking habit, which kills approximately 13 people daily and more than 5000 people yearly, Turia added.

“We all know how important cigs branding is and in particular its temptation to young people and we have had a massive focus really on moving young people away from smoking habit.”



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