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Marijuana Smokers and Job Problems

marijuana smokers According to a recent study, smoking marijuana is linked to less motivation at the work. The head author of the study explained that it can’t prove whether that’s because of the drug’s effects. Though researcher Christer Hyggen suspects pot is the accused, another probable explanation is that people who are not happy with their job or motivated on the work are more likely to start to use drugs.

People who smoked pot in general reported less devotion to work. “There is a known belief that usually people who smoke marijuana are idlers and that they do not wish to do their work at the time,” Hyggen, from the Oslo-based social research institute NOVA, told Reuters Health.

To see how well that perception held up, he analyzed information from a 25-year-long research of close to 1,500 Norwegians. Starting in 1987, when they were in their late teens and early 20s, investigated people filled out surveys that included special questions on their recent marijuana use on five different occasions, into their 40s.

They also rated their attitudes on declarations that reflected work commitment, such as “It is very significant for me to have an interesting work” and “I feel very nervous when I have no work to do,” ranked on a balance of one to five, with five showing the most commitment.

People who usually smoked in the past years reported less devotion to work than non-smokers, according to findings published in the journal Tobacco Addiction.

Christer Hyggen also observed that the investigated people tended to be as discharged as abstainers as they got older. And their work continued to decrease into adulthood, and remained meaningly below that of never-smokers.


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