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Menthol Aroma in Cigarettes, Disputable Yet

Smokers Like Ment AromaA lot of studies showed that menthol cigarettes are more harmful than regular cigarettes. However U.S. scientists will continue to investigate the disputable role of popular menthol aroma in cigarettes. Even the Food and Drug Administration will look once again at the health influence of the mint additive on smoker as well as addiction and health.
These all findings and any possible dictatorial move against menthol could be a possible stroke to Lorillard, the nation’s third-largest Tobacco Company and founder of the top-selling menthol brands.
Ira Loss, healthcare analyst of Washington Analysis Corp, said: “It’s the beginning of a large, slow funeral action for menthol.” Lorillard also manufactures Kent, Maverick and True brand cigarettes.

Although it is not instantly evident what action, if any, the FDA or its panel will take, the meetings will continue a heavy regulatory highlight on the cigarettes aroma especially mint aroma.

Statistics show that menthol cigarettes are smoked every day by about 12 million Americans and 75 percent of African American smokers, have come under investigation by antismoking researchers who declared that the taste can be more tempting and maybe addicting than regular cigarettes.

Two-party law that gave the FDA right to look after cigarettes and other tobacco products banned other flavors such as chocolate, clove and fruit too. This legislation didn’t touch menthol, the most popular flavoring accounting for approximately 27 percent of the cigarette market.

Mark McMinimy, a commentator with Concept Capital’s Washington Research Group, said that the meeting between U.S. scientists and FDA only highlighted possible power even as the influence on the industry is still unclear. “There’s going to be a lot of interest about where this is heading exactly,” he added.

Matthew Myers, president of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which backed the new law, said it was too early to say what action the panel or the FDA may take. “We have to give them time to gather the scientific information,” he explained.

But some scientists and financial researchers have said that they do not expect a completely ban on menthol, although the FDA could take such action, among other steps such as product label changes.

So, it is needed for a new meeting for to conclude what effects have menthol cigarettes in smokers who used to smoke them.


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