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No Smoking Ban at Titletown Tobacco

cigarettes onlineAfter the Classic smoke cleared on the statewide smoking ban instituted back in July, one local business is seeing profits light up. Titletown Tobacco at 516 Greene Avenue is drawing in visitors from all over northeast Wisconsin to their smoking lounge, a rare commodity these days.

Owner Mike Gehm says they’re not about cigarettes…they’re targeting cigar enthusiasts.

“You know the guys that really are interested in cigars, those are the people we’re after,” Gehm said. “They find their way by and end up stopping in.”

Titletown Tobacco was exempt from the ban because they had been working on the plan before the smoking ban was discussed.

It’s a full service kind of place for the cigar and pipe crowd. Titletown Tobacco has wireless Internet, 24-hour access to members, along with both individual and retail humidors, large screen TV’s and offers special monthly events.

But after Tuesday’s election results, talk of repealing the statewide ban is starting to get louder. So where does Gehm stand?

“I’m not the one to say what’s right or wrong,” Gehm said. “But I don’t want someone to tell me what I can and can’t do when I open my own business.”

For the first time since 1998, the Republican party controls both the state Legislature and the Governor’s office.


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