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Obama Had Nine Months to Stop Smoking

discount cigarettes onlineAfter working hard, the President of the United States Barack Obama now can leave the bad habit of smoking. Presidential spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said his boss had nine months to stop smoking Marlboro cigarettes.

“He actually stopped. It is a commitment which I think he did for himself as a concern for health and for the sake of two daughters,” said Gibbs.

Gibbs said Obama had tried to quit. But the President smokes again. However, Obama is trying to quit smoking with Nicorette chewing gum, exercising, and have a strong motivation.

A researcher then exposes Obama’s efforts to stop the habit:

1. Set a target quit date
“Set one or two weeks,” says clinical psychological experts from the National Cancer Institute of Tobacco Research Branch, Glen Morgan. “Think about possible challenges you will face.”

2. Get rid of all cigarettes
“Do not have a cigarette around and your house,” said Morgan. According to him, it’s important to get rid of temptation. The more you have cigarettes, the more you want to consume them.

3. Tell family and friends
Make sure family and friends know your intention to stop smoking. So, they will become the main supporter. It is important, because your family is the one who meet you intensively.

4. Talk to your doctor about anti-smoking treatment
Morgan advises you to get guidance from doctors to quit smoking. The doctors may recommend certain treatments to change the habit.

5. If you need to use nicotine replacement products
One of them is chewing gum, as what Obama has done. However, you should consult with a physician.


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