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Obese Teenagers More Likely to Smoke

best lucky strike cigarettesA recent study has indicated that obese teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior like smoking Lucky Strike cigarettes or use smokeless tobacco products (chewing tobacco). The study also found that the alcohol consumption pattern was similar among obese and thin teenagers.

It was also seen that obese teen girls were less likely to engage in sexual activity than thin girls, while those who were sexually active were more likely to do so under the influence of substances.

Obese teenagers are already at a predisposed risk of developing chronic health problems and these risks are exacerbated by cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol.

In order to identify physical and mental health risks of obese teens and to provide proper psychological and health counseling services to this population, psychologists at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio studied a survey which included responses of about 9,000 high school students and reached this conclusion.


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