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Outdoor Smoking Prohibition, Durham Smoke-Free

discount colts cigarillosThe push is on to get out the word about Durham’s new outdoor smoking prohibition. The new legislation will prohibit smoking tobacco for example on sidewalks, in parks and on other public outdoor places in Aug. 1, and the County has begun putting up educational placards starting with this week. It is new change for a town with a smoking tobacco tradition. “I remember when the tobacco sprinkled just filled the air,” declared Gayle Harris, public health director for Durham County.

She also compares the new change with that of the tobacco company buildings that have been renewed in recent years.

“It is nearly like the passage that is happened in those buildings. They are now confused use. There is a whole new life to it,” she confessed.

“I’m old enough for to remember when you could smoke in grocery shops and department shops and even in the mall,” Harris added.

A 1993 law banned smoking in all indoor and public areas. The new regulation, passed solid by county commissioners in February, takes it an additional step. It’s an important step too far if you ask some of smokers, including downtown inhabitant Frank Rock.

“It’s a free district,” Rock reported. “As far as going into a restaurant or other indoor place, I can see that prohibition. But banning smoking in outdoor places, I think this is not right”.

But for some nonsmokers, the new anti-smoking legislation signify a breath of fresh air.



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