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  • More Than 2.5 Million Adults Light Up in Kenya

    Posted By on May 28, 2015

    A calculated 2.5 million adults in Kenya are regular smokers; this is based on a research carried out by the government.


    Gauloises Maker’s Shipments Declined by 7%

    Posted By on March 16, 2015

    Imperial Tobacco’s volume shipments of cigarettes and other smoking products measured as ‘stick equivalents’ (SE) in the course of 12 months to the end of September, at 294 billion, declined by 7 % in comparison to those registered for the same period a year ago.


    Mixed Reaction on e-cigarettes

    Posted By on February 18, 2015

    Small vaping businesses fear that tough new regulations will push them out of the e-cigarette market, particularly if they are required to test hundreds of flavors, each with four or five different strengths of nicotine, on dozens of different devices. They claim that big tobacco would benefit from the regulations because the only e-cigarettes that big tobacco companies produce are cigalikes with just a few flavors and nicotine concentrations.


    Don’t let Big Tobacco crush e-cigarettes

    Posted By on October 15, 2014

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering how to best regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products. While some regulation is needed, the current proposal entails a huge paperwork burden that will create a barrier to entry into the market for all but the biggest players — namely, Big Tobacco.


    Should the legal age of smoking be increased to 25 years?

    Posted By on September 12, 2014

    According to recent recommendations for amendments to the Tobacco Regulation Act by the AN expert committee, the minimum age for smoking should be increased to 25 years from the current 18 years.