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Plantain Weed Can Reduce Cigarettes Cravings

discount kent cigaretteScientists found that an herb that probably almost all of us know it, can help smokers quit smoking. So, the North American wild weed, plantain (Plantago major), helps lessen cravings for cigs. This plant can be used in many  smoking cessation products. This is not the same herb that produces banana-like fruit also known as plantain located in tropical destinations. Was found that plantain not only can reduce cravings for smokes, it also can reduce smokers lung inflammation and also can help to clean out the smokers and even non-smokes lungs. It can be used as a tea, as a tincture, a spray, or even as a dried wild plant.

If a smokers will choose the dried wild herb, he/she simply should add one teaspoon to a cup of boiling water, steep for at least ten minutes and then they can drink it before they will go to have a smoking break.

Plantain is a very useful plant, it is also used by natural medicine for to reduce bronchial congestion, laryngitis, lung irritations, coughs, toothaches, digestive complaints, and even kidney infections.


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