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Prolongation of Greenville’s Smoking Ban

best viceroy cigarettes onlineSoon Viceroy cigarettes smokers in Greenville won’t be able to light up, even outside, at city restaurants and bars. Monday night, in a five to one vote, Greenville City Council passed a new ordinance, extending the current smoking ban to include patios and outdoor eating areas, private clubs and city parks near play grounds.

Community members voiced opposition during the public comment time before the vote. Dixie’s Tavern owner, Fred Kissling, understands the ban on smoking around food, but he wanted an exception made so people can smoke outside if they drink. He thinks the next question will be, “What constitutes a patio?”

Mayor Knox White was the only vote against the ordinance. Councilman David Sudduth said the current ban has been successful, and this will only clarify where people can and cannot smoke. Sudduth says enforcement will be self-policed.

“As long as everyone understands what the rules are, that most people are happy to comply with it,” said Sudduth.

The ordinance will take effect August 1st.


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