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Remove Cigarettes from Shop Shelves, New Report

Cigarettes not on ShelvesScholars from Auckland said that smoking rates in New Zealand would fall if all smoking products would not be showed at shops. Dr. Marewa Glover of Auckland University declared that she is not agree with Tobacco Company large British American Tobacco New Zealand (BAT) that prohibiting smoking or limiting its sale would only create an uncontrolled illegal cigarettes sale.

“There just will not be the death and disease to such an extent from some people smoking, and the quick way to do that is to get rid of the product off the shelves,” Dr Glover said.

She added that the BAT’s proposal by offering a legal smoking brand which people preferred to use was a pack of untruths.

As it is known nicotine is highly addictive and people do not have freedom of choice. It is capable of affecting mental activity of smokers, it works on the brain, it manipulates even thoughts, motivation and they are driven to smoke more and more.

Dr. Glover explained that she didn’t want smoking to be prohibited but she wants to be removed cigarettes from shop shelters, and to be sold only on internet.

When was asked about removing the smoking products from visibility in shops but not eliminating them totally, BAT managing director Graeme Amey said that this move would have little impact on the influence of smoking habit.

But after Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei demanded why BAT opposed this suggestion if it would not influence smoking rate, Mr. Amey declared that his company could lose market share as a result.

“We work with a profitable business and we are in the business of ameliorating market share. Brand transferring would become an issue,” he added.

Mr. Amey would not tell the committee its marketing methods in an open hearing, saying that it was commercially delicate. He suggested that he would provide them to the committee confidentially.

Dr. Glover also added that tobacco business increased only because the cigarettes packet design and removing these from public view would as a result help lower smoking among all inhabitants.

So, it is need for a new anti-smoking step for to protect the smokers and non-smokers health. For example more than half of Maori pregnant women are smokers, and smoking among Maori women 14-18 weeks into pregnancy is still high at 45 percent.


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