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Renault Colour Scheme Link to Tobacco Companies

best marlboro cigarettesThe Renault Formu-la One team has been cleared to race in its black-and-gold colours in Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix after fears that it would fall foul of antitobacco advertising laws. Principal Eric Boullier said in a statement that the Lotussponsored team, which has no connection with the tobacco industry, had contacted the Quebec authorities recently to discuss the livery and the legislation.

“We’re delighted to be able to race in Montreal in our usual colour scheme,” the Frenchman said.

“The Quebec authorities noted that the current livery makes a reference to images from the 1980s when the car was sponsored by the tobacco industry, but it has also accepted the fact that Lotus Renault GP receives no direct or indirect financing from the industry in question.”

The team’s 2011 black-andgold livery harks back to the days when the old Lotus team was sponsored by Marlboro cigarette brand John Player Special.

Boullier said Renault was fully aware of Quebec’s stringent legislation on promotional associations with tobacco and would “use all means available to dispel any misconceptions that our identity and that of our partners is somehow associated with this industry.”


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