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Smokers Choice, Tobacco Companies Trial

tax free colts cigarillosTwo legislation are being heard together and they contained separate groups of Quebec prosecutors, some of them who have gotten very serious disease from smoking cigarettes, and others who declared that they can’t quit smoking. The accused companies  — Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd., Rothmans and Benson & Hedges – all were strongly armed with lawyers and pubic-relations staff as the case finally came to trial, 14 years after an initial group of plaintiffs filed a suit.

So the Imperial Tobacco called the instance an “selfish cash grab.” One by one lawyers made their opening statements, with the cigarettes companies declaring that the people has known for decades that smoking tobacco can be bad for their health. Tobacco Industries also tried moving blame onto the federal government, which conducts their industry.

The companies argued that they have always followed federal regulations. In recent years, the government has commanded that graphic health warnings be placed on packages and has changed the visibility and marketing ads for to decrease  smoking among inhabitants. One of the main lawyers for Imperial Tobacco pointed to a series of federal government memorandums from the 1960s that, she argued, which proved that the government was aware that smoking was really very harmful.

“Those who decided to start smoking habit or even to continue it should take responsibility for an alternative they made, because no one can declare that they don’t know about the harm effects linked with smoking,” reported lawyer Suzanne Cote, who represents Imperial Tobacco, Canada’s biggest Tobacco Company.



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