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Smokers Hobbies

Hobbies have always been a secondary activity, a spare-time recreational pursuit. They were practiced for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. Activities like collecting, creative and artistic pursuits, making things and sports lead to acquiring skill, knowledge, and experience. Every person has a hobby. But smokers have the most unusual and interesting hobbies. Looking below you will find a lot of interesting things.

The Pipe as a Hobby

cigarettes onlineCollecting pipes is an old and established pastime. Men were collecting pipes when postage stamps had not as yet been inven­ted. Indeed, the requirements of pipe collecting are among the simplest of any hobby: any smoker can be said to have a pipe col­lection if he has more than one pipe.

A pipe collection need not be large, nor must it consist only of expensive pipes. While, admittedly, a hand-carved meerschaum may cost hundreds of dollars, a plain, three-dollar briar posses­sing special personal meaning to the smoker certainly deserves equal respect as part of his collection.

Collecting pipes differs from collecting stamps, coins, or simi­lar objects in that the pipes can always be used. The hobbyist’s pipes serve a double purpose, since they are both items of special interest and instruments capable of providing an enjoyable smoke.

Most interested pipe smokers become collectors sooner or later. This does not mean they assemble a hundred or more pipes; but every smoker eventually learns that he should have at least four or five pipes and smoke them alternately. Soon the smoker finds himself with eight, ten, or fifteen pipes, so that he has quite naturally and progressively become a collector on a small scale.

Not all pipes which might grace a collection can be smoked. Many of them are too old and too fragile to withstand regular smoking. Yet the beauty and history of such pipes might give them great value. Every pipe collector usually separates his pipes into two classifications: those which can be regularly smoked, and those which should remain safely in their cases or behind glass.

The neophyte collector should learn all he can about pipes, both modern and historical. Libraries will have some books on the sub­ject, but generally pipe literature is rather scarce. Pipe catalogues supplied by manufacturers often contain valuable information.

Your favorite pipe shop might also be helpful, or a local pipe club if one exists in your community. In most large cities there are museums and historical societies, many of which have pipe collections or pipe exhibits on display. You will want to know about different types of briar, stem sizes, shapes, and other de­tails of pipe lore worth studying.

It is a good idea to add only good-quality pipes to your collec­tion. Careful selection and an appreciation of quality will start you off on the road to becoming a pipe connoisseur. There is no reason to limit yourself to briar pipes; pipes of meerschaum, clay, various woods, and even corncobs and water pipes will liven up your collection.

But the pipe hobbyist should by no means limit himself to an­cient or historical pipes. If you see a pipe you particularly like in a tobacconist’s window, add it to your collection. A collection of fine modern pipes can be especially rewarding because all the pipes in it can be smoked.

Singing as a Hobby & Pleasure

cigarettes onlineSinging is an inbuilt art of human mind and soul. In earlier time, only those people sing who have good voice. Now the time is changed and people take interest in singing.

These days, a lot of people are taking up singing as a fun hobby or a way to socialize with other people.

A hobby is something that what you are enjoying to do, something that which brings relief in the daily life and allows you relaxation, hobbies are for pleasure and enjoyment and not for financial gain.

Play Poker as a Hobby

cigarettes onlinePoker can easily be one of those hobbies that make money. For many people winning or losing is just not that important.  Sure, no one would like to lose but if they were being honest with themselves winning is not why they play.

Which brings me to another point; many players blame the UIEGA for making the games online worse, while there is an element of truth to that history tells a different story.  Poker is incredibly cyclical and the games have gotten better and worse as people are drawn to it.

Rounders brought a lot of people into poker but many of those players either went bust or got better, same thing with the televised poker boom. For many of those people poker starts off as a hobby and either it leave or get better.  Some actually straddle that line; I would argue those are the people that enjoy poker the most.

I’m sure that there are a lot of smokers’ hobbies. However, I only specified the most important and interesting hobbies. If you will read this page please leave a comment with your hobbies!!!!

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