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Smoking Ban Got Widespread Support

discount cigarettesA recent suggestion to prohibit smoking Avalon at self-governing owned recreation facilities has collected great support from area inhabitants, according to a study by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit. The survey found that 71 per cent of the people questioned support a ban of smoking at outdoor facilities.

“The idea of a healthy lifestyle as promoted by sports and recreation really isn’t compatible with cigarette smoking,” said Medical Officer of Health Dr. Allen Heimann.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit presented a resolution to its board of directors Thursday to “encourage Windsor and Essex County to develop and adopt a bylaw banning smoking in all city or county owned outdoor sport and recreation areas.”

Sports spectator Wilf Renaud said the smoking ban at all municipally owned outdoor recreation facilities would be going too far.

During halftime at Alumni Field Friday, where F.J. Brennan high school was facing off against Sandwich secondary school, Renaud was asked to step outside of the facility to finish his cigar.

“I don’t mind having to leave the area to smoke but I think a bylaw banning smoking at all outdoor games would be going too far,” the 55-year-old said. “I would never sit next to someone and smoke a cigar because I have the common decency not to and I think most people do as well.”

The survey was conducted through funding from the minister of health promotion to support youth engagement in tobacco control.

Of the 1,100 surveys received by the health unit, Heimann said 47.9 per cent were completed by teenagers between the ages of 15 to 19, making it the highest percentage of participants.

He said the survey also showed that 63 to 83 per cent of Windsor-area smokers expressed interest in quitting within the next six months. Part of this funding has been allocated to municipalities throughout the county to promote tobacco awareness.

Trese MacNeil, coordinator of community sports service for the City of Windsor, said the funding will be used to create presentations to local sports organizations and associations to get their support for a ban.

“The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee decided they would create another survey and have it sent to all of the schools in Windsor and Essex County so they can collect that information and present it to local sports groups,” MacNeil said, adding that Lakeshore, LaSalle and Windsor were the only municipalities to take advantage of the funding.

MacNeil said the surveys were distributed Friday and students will begin filling them out next week, which happens to be Tobacco Awareness Week. But before the board approves the resolution, Heimann said they would like to see how the ban has worked in other cities like Barrie, Toronto, Waterloo and Woodstock.

If the board approves the resolution at its next meeting on Dec. 16, Heimann said the information gathered would then be presented to the respective councils.


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