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Smoking Ban – Hot Policy

best lucky strike cigaretteThe move to step-up smoking bans within Muskingum County is continuing. Once again, Community Impact Team representatives, Kate Paul and Amy Davis met with Muskingum County Commissioners requesting their approval on a tobacco free campus policy. The proposed policy would effect the 205 North 7th Street building in Zanesville.

Currently there is no smoking Lucky Strike cigarettes allowed in the building due to state law. Smoking is still permitted outside the building and along campus grounds. The proposed change would prohibit all smoking.

“This is a learning process for everyone,” said Paul. “We try to make sure we have all the information and we’re respectful of all parties involved.”

In previous meetings, Commissioners have expressed concerns of how to enforce the policy on a public property location. Davis and Paul returned Monday with a revised Proposal- asking only for the Commissioners support as the individual departments would enforce the policy. The campus is currently home to the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department, Children Services, Board of Elections, and the Muskingum Valley Educational Services. All departments are supportive of the efforts in developing a healthier community. Paul and Davis plan to move forward by proposing the policy within the Zanesville City limits as well…

“I would say if the City of Zanesville would adopt the policy as well, if they have the same facilities we would. It’s owned by the citizens of the City of Zanesville and us the County residents,” said Muskingum County Commissioner Jerry Lavy. “So if they would adopt, we may go back and look at the opportunity to see if we would want to follow the same procedure.”

Paul said Genesis Healthcare System has adopted a similar policy and Muskingum County Library is considering to do the same. They would like to see the policy be adopted by Zanesville City Hall.

“We’re talking with the Mayor and just kind of asked him his opinion on it, his views,” said Paul. ‘He said he would like to meet with us again and just get a feel of more information. ”

Paul and Davis originally proposed the idea to Commissioners in May- and again in July. Commissioners will now take time to review the matter and meet with the Community Impact Team Representatives in upcoming months.


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