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Smoking in Indoor Places Fined, Hungary Non-Smokers

discount karelia cigarette“Starting with 1 January 2012, the correction of the Act on the protection of non-smokers has been enforced, it which introduced stricter requirements for smoking beginning with 2012. In the practice, this means that save for a few special cases, the new law prohibits smoking in indoor places, as well as in certain outdoor special areas. Nevertheless, a charm period has been given until 1 April 2012 for those facilities have involved.

Smoking tobacco is perhaps the most important public health problem in Hungary. Today approximately 37.8 per cent of adults and 23 per cent of adult women smoke every day, the number of cigs smoked yearly have increased. It is also a distressing fact that people take up smoking at an increasingly earlier age.

It is the Government’s intention to opposite this smoking trend. In Hungary, inhabitants die every eighteenth minute because of smoking, resulting in the loss of 70 Hungarian inhabitants every day and approximately 30 thousand yearly due to diseases related to this harmful smoking addiction.

According to international investigations, these figures can be significantly decreased through legislation banning smoking. This means that more people’s lives can be saved this way in comparison with healthcare treatments.


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