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Smoking is Demi Lovato’s Vice

cheap davidoff cigarettesDemi Lovato was spotted with Davidoff cigarettes in the front pocket of her handbag! While it certainly isn’t the end of the world, many people are questioning her role model status. Sure, her positive outlook on life is very uplifting, but cigarettes? Doesn’t bode well for her.

“If young Lovatics see Demi with cigarettes, they’ll start to associate them as ‘cool,’ when that’s not the case at all. If Demi IS a smoker, she should try to keep it out of the public eye, only because she has so many fans looking up to her as a role model for health,” suggests Hollywood Life.

There are so many ways to look at this situation, and people are going to have different opinions. If smoking is Demi’s vice, it’s better than cutting or being suicidal. While everyone might agree with that statement, smoking is actually really gross. It’s no longer cool—you know, because cancer isn’t cool—and it’s definitely not ideal for Demi.


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