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Smoking Reduces Appetite

cheap esse cigarettesSmokers are, on average, thinner than non-smokers, and this impact on weight can unfortunately encourage some people, specifically young women, to smoke Esse cigarette in order to stay thin. This is a dangerous strategy to adopt, considering the dangerous effect smoking has on our health.

In addition to its stimulating effect on the nervous system, nicotine found in tobacco has many effects on the metabolism: it reduces the appetite, and consequently, your caloric intake; it increases the amount of used energy by the body (about 300 calories per 30 cigarettes); and it inhibits the enzymes involved in the accumulation of fat. Collectively, these factors make it so that smokers are generally thinner than those who don’t light up.

The mechanism responsible for this effect was just recently identified (1). During a study on the anti-depressant properties of many substances, a team of Yale University researchers found that animals treated with nicotine ate less than the others. Subsequent tests showed that this was the result of a specific interaction of this drug with receptors found on the surface of certain hypothalamus neurons, the brain’s command centre. Because these neurons specialize in the secretion of melacortins – hormones that signal the cessation of food intake – their activation by nicotine mimics, in a way, the sensation of fullness and tricks the body into thinking it has eaten enough.

Weight gain

This direct impact of nicotine on the hunger mechanisms often results in people gaining weight after they give up smoking. In fact, nicotine withdrawal causes an increase in appetite and caloric intake, which can be a concern if the ex-smoker develops poor eating habits to compensate for the lack of cigarettes. On average, studies show that men gain three kilograms (6.5 pounds) and women gain four kilograms (almost 9 pounds) after giving up smoking. Amongst about 15% of former smokers, this weigh gain can be in excess of 10 kilograms (22 pounds). Unfortunately, surveys taken by smokers show that this potential weight gain is a major influence on the decision of people to continue smoking, or to start up again.

Quitting without weight gain

This accumulation of weight is not unavoidable; in fact, nearly a third of smokers maintain their weight after giving up the habit. There are various simple ways to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking:

Only eat at meal times and avoid snacking

If cravings are frequent, make raw veggies available as a healthy snack. Increase the frequency and/or the intensity of physical activity. Drink a lot of water and avoid sweet drinks like pop and juice. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and avoid junk food.

The benefits associated with quitting smoking are so significant that the worry of gaining a few pounds should not be holding you back from giving it up. It’s also possible to avoid any weight gain at all through healthy lifestyle habits.


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