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Smoking Still on Campus Despite Declines in Cigarettes Sales

best quality karelia cigarettesMany students who walk to class ignoring the smoke drifting from a cigarette may not be aware that they could become one of the 6 million people who die each year from this cigarette exposure. Smoking is an addictive activity that not only affects the person who chooses to smoke discount Karelia cigarettes, but can also impact the lives of the people around them.

Of the people who die from smoking-related illnesses each year, more than 600,000 are non-smokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke, according to the World Health Organization.
Risks of smoking include various kinds of cancer, such as lung, head, neck and oral cancer, said Michael Ennis, professor of psychology.

Other less obvious risks are cardiovascular diseases, which are groups of diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels, he said. The most common health risks associated with this are heart attacks and strokes.

This drug is so addictive because the nicotine in the cigarette stimulates the nucleus accumbens, Ennis said. When stimulated, this part of the brain tells the body that it wants and needs more.
The nicotine becomes like sex and food to a person, he said.

Will Sperry, a senior construction management major, began smoking in the seventh grade, because all his friends were doing it and he had an urge to fit in, he said.

His mother was a single parent and found out he was smoking while he was in eighth grade, Sperry said. She tried to get him to stop, but she was always working, making it difficult for her to reinforce the need for him to quit.

Sperry prefers to smoke American Spirit cigarettes, because he thinks they have good flavor and are additive-free, he said.

He goes through a pack a day, each pack costing him $6.81, he said. People sometimes judge him when he smokes or are bothered by it, but he thinks smoking is accepted by the majority on a college campus, Sperry said.

“I try to be cautious about the people around me when I smoke,” he said.

Sperry plans to stop smoking in the future, but is content with his smoking habit for now, he said.

Someone who smokes one cigarette a day can live life with no significant health effects, but for most, one cigarette a day is not an option, Ennis said. This is when the addiction takes control, and that’s why tobacco companies thrive.

The earlier a person starts smoking, the more smoking tends to become a long-term habit, Ennis said.

The number of smokers in society is currently decreasing, and there are very apparent reasons for this, he said.

The main reason for this decrease is that the price of a pack of cigarettes has been increasing over the years, Ennis said. Studies have shown that the increased taxes have been used to fund effective anti-smoking campaigns.

Another reason is that the places where people are allowed to smoke have been limited, Ennis said. In the past, a person could smoke in hospitals, movie theaters and most indoor locations.

This may sound absurd today when there are more smoking restrictions,he said.

In recent years smoking has become seen as more unattractive and is associated with chronic smoker’s cough, bad breath and yellow teeth.

If a person wants to smoke, that’s their decision, and they have to face the consequences, said Nadia Lopez, a senior criminal justice major.

“I don’t choose to smoke, because it’s disgusting and unhealthy,” Lopez said.

While most people in society know the risks, there are some that still choose to smoke because they try to fit in or socialize with specific people, she said.

Lopez has friends who smoke and their habits often interfere with her interactions with them, she said. When someone has to take a five-minute break to go smoke a cigarette every so often, it can interrupt a conversation or activity.

People should have the right to smoke in open public locations, but there are and should be restrictions in enclosed locations, she said.

These restrictions respect both smokers and non-smokers by allowing them the right to choose the quality of their health, Lopez said.


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