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Indoor Smoking Ban, Nine Smokers Fined

| January 3, 2012

beverly cigarettes The new indoor smoking ban had a smooth start, authorities said, as nine people were fined for breaking the rules during the first day in which the new law came into effect. The Health Bureau’s tobacco control office launched an anti-smoking raid on Sunday and issued nine fines to residents and tourists. Together with the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Public Security Police Force, the office checked 359 places where smoking cheap Beverly cigarette is no longer allowed according to the new law. A total of 70 law enforcement agents took part in the raid. From midnight to 7 pm on Sunday, nine people were fined, of which four were tourists from mainland China and five were Macau residents. Most people who received tickets were caught smoking inside food and beverage establishments, three in public gardens and one in a flyover.