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| September 27, 2011 Cheap cigarettes and Best Tobacco at Discount Prices


Still Sexy to Smoke in Russia

| July 6, 2011

cheap kiss cigarettes onlineElena Zlatoustovskaya sits in a popular Moscow restaurant. She looks cool, sleek and sexy holding an ultra-slim Kiss cigarette between her fingers. At least that’s what marketing wizards would have you think. And Zlatoustovskaya should know. She’s a big wig at the Moscow office of public relations firm Edelman.


New Zealand Should Be Smoke-Free Country by 2025

| March 15, 2011

smoking parliament cigarettesThe government of New Zealand, where nearly 1 in 4 adults use Parliament cigarettes, made a commitment this week to try to make the country smoke-free in 14 years. Anti-smoking campaigners said they do not envisage prohibition or making it illegal to smoke but creation of an environment where the practice is virtually extinct.


The Cigarette Graphic Warnings Lack in Europe

| February 10, 2011

cigarettes onlineSmokefree North West has recently seen a surge in tobacco barons in Russia and China who are helping recruit a new generation of smokers through cheap illicit imports and handrolled tobacco. The OK packets either carry no health warnings at all, or written in Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese or Danish.


Smoke-Free Legislation Ignored By Americans

| February 2, 2011

discount cigarettes onlineSome smokers are ignoring a new smoke-free legislation in American Samoa while using public transport. The Smoke Free Environment act was passed last year and came into force two weeks ago, prohibiting smoking Glamour in enclosed work areas and public spaces.