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Kids Ignore Smoking Health Risks, China Tobacco Museum

| August 23, 2012

discount karelia cigaretteA tobacco-themed museum in Shanghai is being censured for tempting kids to light up by ignoring the smoking health risks. City authorities are now re-examining a recent resolution to award the China Tobacco Museum the title of “Patriotic Education Base” and earlier award of “Science Education Base” and “Model Unit for Shanghai Juveniles’ Moral Education,” yesterday’s Legal Evening News reported. The titles sparked discussions among most participants at a conference held in Beijing on Tuesday. Many smoking-control experts declared that their research showed the museum was leading young people to have a positive view of smoking habit.


Tobacco Company Advantageous Sectors in China

| July 19, 2012

discount camel cigaretteChinese people smoked more cigs and tobacco in the first half of this year, helping the tobacco company’s income to rise very quickly in spite of the current state economy decrease, according to data from the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) on Wednesday. China’s cigarettes sales in the first six months  increased 2.81 per cent from a year ago to 1.31 trillion cigs, while production rose 1.3 trillion cigs, making China the world’s biggest tobacco maker and consumer, according to the STMA.