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Kids Passive Smoking, Sunderland Smoking Ban

| April 2, 2012

cheapest winston cigaretteA main campaign is being launched to stop Wearside children being harmed by second-hand smoke. Health bosses say that youngsters are breathing in harmful cancer-causing toxins and poisons by being near people who smoke each day. They argue it increases the chances of children getting lung disease and meningitis, while also costing the NHS more than £23million annually. The campaign comes after a survey of North East children revealed some shocking statistics. It found that 99 per cent of children want their parents to give up smoking, and that 97 per cent wished their mums and dads wouldn’t light up cigarettes in front of them in the home.


The Smoking Law Treated Smokers As Criminals

| November 26, 2010

cigarettes onlineA group called for the repeal of a gubernatorial decree banning Viceroy smoking inside buildings, saying the regulation treated smokers as criminals. The National Clove Cigarette Community said in a press conference Thursday that the decree lowered the status of law-abiding cigarette smokers to that of criminals who had to be socially exiled. “For us, the city administration has completely discriminated against smokers, who are clearly consumers of legal products and who deserve the same legal protection,” community coordinator Abhisam said.


Cigarettes Offer A Greater Risk Than Just Nicotine Addiction

| May 28, 2010

smoking habitCigarette smokers are at danger of more than just nicotine addiction if they smoke cigarettes. Tobacco smoke contains several various chemical substances which includes carbon monoxide, styrene, benzene and formaldehyde, all toxic chemicals with identified side effects. Nicotine is broken down by your body to an even much more addictive and lasting substance – cotinine.